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Asset Recovery Company has the expertise to effectively recover fitness equipment from commercial borrowers and remarket it for top value

Fitness Equipment Recovery Experts

The health and fitness industry continues to attract new members and expand. And the equipment being used to deliver the fitness results that members are looking for continues to evolve. While the free weights and jump ropes at the gym look pretty much the same as they always have, lots of other equipment, from ellipticals to stationary bikes and weight machines, is changing. 

Gyms, fitness centers and individuals turn to lenders and investors to help afford the cost of equipment upgrades and acquisitions. Unfortunately, sometimes that investment does not generate the return required, and these centers are forced to close their doors, and lenders are faced with figuring out how to manage a fitness equipment recovery process that they never planned for.   

For these individuals and organizations, Asset Recovery Company is here to provide fitness equipment recovery expertise honed through years of field experience.


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    Fitness Equipment Recovery from Commercial and

    Residential Properties

    Whether it is a commercial gym hundreds of pieces of equipment or a boutique fitness center with just a small set of ellipticals, treadmills and weight machines, we have the capabilities to handle jobs large and small. Due to the amount and different types of technology now used on most fitness equipment, it requires far more than simply picking it up and loading it onto a truck. Instead, many pieces of equipment require extensive disassembly and packing prior to being transported, which is why you can count on us here at Asset Recovery Company. With our skilled staff and years of experience handling these types of recoveries and repossessions, our clients know these jobs will be completed in a timely and professional manner.

    Achieving Maximum Value on Recovered Fitness Equipment

    Health and fitness is now high-tech and to ensure that you retain the maximum value for the equipment being recovered, it is important to pick the right recovery partner to work with. Our experience means our team members have the expertise to disassemble and pack for transport even the most sophisticated items. Even better, you can trust that when it reaches its new destination it will go back together again and be operational.

    Our outstanding remarketing services can help ensure that you achieve the maximum value for the fitness equipment recovered. Since much of this equipment is used extensively before being recovered, especially if it is coming from a commercial gym, we take the time to clean it with exacting attention to detail. As a result, most if not all fitness equipment we transport to clients arrives looking as good as the day it was first sold. Presenting the equipment in the best light to the right audience with fair and accurate appraisals means recovered value for our clients and maintaining a positive reputation in the industry.

    Recovering All Types and Brands of Fitness Equipment

    Whether it is StairMaster, Nordic Track, or other popular brands of fitness equipment, we do our best to have all pieces of fitness equipment in the best condition possible for remarketing. Thanks to our time and effort in working with this equipment, clients have little if any difficulty remarketing at auctions and other ways, ensuring they will be able to get top-dollar while having a quick turnaround as well. To make sure these jobs are done to your satisfaction, trust us here at Asset Recovery Company. Previously recovered brands include:



    Life Fitness




    Hammer Strength


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