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Asset Remarketing

We help recover the value of your assets

In many cases where items are recovered or repossessed, financial institutions and businesses owning the items want to recover as much value as possible from their assets. This process, known as asset remarketing, must be handled by professionals to ensure owners receive fair market value for their items. However, since asset remarketing can be done for a wide variety of items, many steps must be taken along the way to ensure all goes well.

Along with successfully recovering the items in question and making sure they are packed and transported to their owners in a safe and efficient manner, they must also be in as good a condition as possible to ensure maximum compensation is obtained. 

Situations Best for Asset Remarketing

Mergers or Closures

Off-Rentals or Leases

Excess Surplus

Customer Returns

Project Cancellations

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    Refurbishing Assets

    In many cases when various items are recovered or repossessed, they may still be in excellent condition. However, there are also many instances where items may have been used extensively by a business or individual. When this is the case, they will need to be refurbished so that they can retain as much of their value as possible. By using our experienced professionals, you can be sure all items will be carefully assessed and refurbished to make them appear brand-new. Whether this involves power washing, buffing, or other procedures, we will do this and much more for our clients.

    Network of Auction Buyers

    By working with our experienced and knowledgeable asset remarketing professionals, you will be able to take advantage of our vast national network of partners. Since we partner with numerous auction companies across the United States, we can arrange to get your items in front of buyers who are actively seeking the items you have to sell. While many businesses and individuals believe they can get maximum compensation from selling items themselves on eBay or through other sources, they often find the process is much more difficult than anticipated, as well as not nearly as profitable as they had hoped.

    Experienced and Professional

    Rather than get your assets recovered by a company that has little if any experience in remarketing, put your trust in our seasoned professionals. Whether recovering assets from individuals or businesses, we take the time to refurbish items and use extensive market research to provide what we believe to be a fair market value for all items. Thus, to get the most bang for your buck with asset remarketing, let us help you get top-dollar for your assets.

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