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When assets are recovered or repossessed and returned to the original business or owner, they often make every effort to once again sell these assets to others. As a result, they need to not only have the items be in excellent condition, but also have a reasonable idea as to the fair market value of their items.

While it is possible they could do research on their own and arrive at a figure they believe to be accurate, there is also the likelihood they may make mistakes along the way. Because of this, we offer clients the opportunity to let us perform free appraisals of all their items, which will help to ensure the fair market value placed on these items is extremely accurate and results in a resale.

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Using our many years of experience, we can go right to work with clients on making appraisals of their items. Whether it is fitness equipment, heavy-duty industrial machinery, furniture and fixtures from a failed restaurant, or perhaps a high-end watercraft or recreational vehicle, our asset recovery experts can use a variety of market research methods to obtain data that is always accurate and reliable. By searching various avenues of today’s marketplace for items that are similar in terms of year, make, and model, we can then compile this data and give our clients an appraisal report we believe to be the most in-depth in today’s asset recovery industry.

All in One Solution

While many asset recovery services choose to not offer this service, we not only extend this courtesy to our clients, but also many other services as well. For example, once an owner has appraisal information regarding their item or items, they naturally need ways in which they can sell their items for maximum profitability. We can help with this as well, since we have a vast network of nationwide partnerships with auction services throughout the United States. Therefore, along with giving our clients accurate appraisals and fair market values for their assets, we can also assist them in arranging to have their items sold through one or more of our auction partners. By doing so, our clients can be sure the assets they are wanting to sell will be put in front of buyers who are eager to purchase the very items that have for sale.

Our Clients are Our Priority

Whether assets have been recovered through a voluntary surrender or involuntary repossession, we believe in upholding the highest levels of professionalism at all times. Thus, once we recover items for clients, we also make every attempt to refurbish them so that they will maintain maximum value. In doing so, we feel our clients are given a level of customer service that is unmatched within the industry.

Rather than spend hours trying to figure out what your assets are worth in today’s market, let us do the work for you. By relying on our experts and their years of experience and knowledge in appraisals, you will be assured of getting the fair market value for your assets.

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