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Auto Repair Equipment

We can recover and remarket heavy, bulky car parts and repair equipment


Recovery and Remarketing Services for Auto Repair

Whether it is a small neighborhood auto repair shop that is closing after many years in business, or instead a large commercial dealership that has multiple repair facilities, the time may come when the equipment at these locations will need to be recovered or repossessed. When that time does arrive, look to us here at Asset Recovery Company to handle the job with little difficulty.

Since these jobs have us working on equipment that is bulky, heavy, and requires careful and precise disassembly, packing, and transport, we know time is always a factor in completing these jobs for our clients. Because of this, we always have a sufficient number of people on the job who have the skills, abilities, and tools needed to quickly disassemble auto repair equipment in a safe yet efficient manner. In even the smallest of repair shops, there are likely going to be many types of equipment, ranging from battery boosters and alignment racks to air compressors, tool sets, and much more. Knowing that most if not all of these items will be remarketed for our clients, we make sure all equipment is not only working properly, but is also cleaned and made to look as good as new before going up on the auction block or sold in numerous other ways.

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    Complex Jobs Made Easy

    Putting our skills to the test each and every time, these jobs are extremely complex and detailed. However, rather than viewing this as a problem, we relish the challenge of returning this equipment to our clients so that it is immediately ready for remarketing. Since we have worked with different types of auto repair equipment over the years, the personnel assigned to these recovery jobs have the know-how and experience needed to know exactly what to do and how to do it once they arrive at the location. From disassembling and packing Solar Booster Pacs and Mastercool blower fans to Challenger 4-post lifts and countless other types and brands of auto repair equipment, we can handle these and other jobs with our usual level of professionalism, efficiency, and commitment to excellence.

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