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In today’s world, health and fitness have become parts of many people’s lives. Because of this, more and more types of fitness equipment are now available for use, ranging from sophisticated weightlifting systems to elliptical equipment, bikes, and much more. But as the equipment has gotten more sophisticated, it has also gotten much more expensive. As a result, we at Asset Recovery Company find ourselves recovering and repossessing much more of this equipment than in years past.

Whether it is a commercial gym or fitness center with hundreds of pieces of equipment or simply one elliptical or set of free weights that needs to be retrieved from a private residence, we have the capabilities to handle jobs large and small. Due to the amount and different types of technology now used on most fitness equipment, it requires far more than simply picking it up and loading it onto a truck. Instead, many pieces of equipment require extensive disassembly and packing prior to being transported, which is why you can count on us here at Asset Recovery Company. With our skilled staff and years of experience handling these types of recoveries and repossessions, our clients know these jobs will be completed in a timely and professional manner.

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Whether it is StairMaster, Nordic Track, or other popular brands of fitness equipment, we do our best to have all pieces of fitness equipment in the best condition possible for remarketing. Since much of this equipment has been used extensively, especially if it is being recovered from a commercial gym, we take the time to refurbish it to the best of our ability. As a result, most if not all fitness equipment we transport to clients arrives looking as good as the day it was first sold. Thanks to our time and effort in working with this equipment, clients have little if any difficulty remarketing at auctions and other ways, ensuring they will be able to get top-dollar while having a quick turnaround as well. To make sure these jobs are done to your satisfaction, trust us here at Asset Recovery Company.

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