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We can recover commercial refrigeration units, walk-in coolers and freezers, and pizza ovens, in addition to smaller items.


We Can Recover and Remarket Restaurant Equipment

Since numerous restaurants close their doors each year due to a lack of business or financing, there are large amounts of restaurant equipment needing to be repossessed and recovered. Due to the wide variety of these establishments, the equipment can vary, ranging from walk-in coolers and freezers to pizza ovens, sinks, and various types of furniture and fixtures. In most cases, these repossession and recovery jobs are very complex, even in smaller restaurants, which is why you should rely on the team here at Asset Recovery Company.

When many of these jobs arise, time is of the essence. In many instances, restaurant owners may only have a few days to be out of a building before a landlord locks the doors. If this is the case, the repossession and recovery team will need to know exactly how to disassemble and package the equipment in a timely manner. With our years of experience, we can do just that, and are often able to complete the job in one day if needed. But along with our ability to quickly recover the equipment, we also take the time to pay attention to the details as well. Since we offer remarketing services to our clients, we make every effort to ensure all recovered equipment is in the best possible condition. For example, we regularly power wash and clean various pieces of equipment to eliminate all dirt and food residue.

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From five-star restaurants to food trucks, we are capable of handling any task given us. And once done, we make sure the empty facility is mopped, swept, and had all trash removed, making sure it looks as good or better than it did before our arrival. Also, since we are skilled at removing all types of equipment, we regularly work on assignments where we remove such brands as KitchenAid, Regency, Amana, AARCO, Bar Maid Corporation, and many others. By relying on our team of skilled and experienced professionals, you can be sure the restaurant equipment we recover will be returned to you looking brand-new and ready to be remarketed at a substantial profit.

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