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We recover and remarket heavy and bulky items such as forklifts and warehouse equipment

Remarketing and Recovery Services for Industrial Settings

In many manufacturing and industrial settings, there are many types of equipment used on a daily basis. Some of the most common include forklifts, compressors, tractors, skidloaders, gravity roller conveyors, and much more. Since most of these facilities are very large, it can be a complex job to get these and other types of equipment removed in a timely manner. To make sure the job is done correctly, safely, and quickly, our team here at Asset Recovery Company uses the best equipment in the recovery and repossession industry to get these items removed from a location. In fact, we always show up at these jobs with 26-foot box trucks, equipment trailers with lift gates, and more than enough personnel to get the job done right the first time.

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We Take Care of Heavy Manufacturing Items

Since most of this equipment is heavy and bulky, we use a variety of special methods to make sure everything is recovered in a manner that will make it easy to remarket. Also, since we know the importance of receiving top-dollar for these items once they are recovered, we spend as much time as needed buffing scratches, washing exteriors, and many other tasks until we are satisfied with the results. From recovering one forklift from a small warehouse to removing hundreds from a large and multi-faceted manufacturer, we can handle these jobs while making sure all equipment is kept in excellent condition.

Giving Peace of Mind for Our Clients

Knowing our clients need to get these items refurbished and ready to go back on the market to prospective buyers, we complete each job as quickly as possible. However, this does not mean we rush through the job just to say we completed it by a certain time. Instead, by arriving at the job with the necessary equipment and personnel to do the job, we can give our clients the peace of mind they deserve, knowing all equipment will arrive back to them needing little if anything done before being put up for auction or sold to new buyers. From brands such as Global Industrial and Hytrol to Uline and Dri-Eaz, we handle anything and everything for our clients.

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